Dry Instant Yeast





Dry Lviv yeast is made from highly pressed baking yeast strains grown with modern technological schemes of ecologically clean raw material, with no preservatives.


Drying the yeast to 4-5% moisture promotes extension of shelf life to 18 months.





Qualitative indicators:

• Yeast vigor, min. to - 25;

• Moisture,% max - 5%.


Expiration date of yeast - 18 months / per 0°C temperature and not above 20°C.


Recommended dosage:

Method of dough preparation


Traditional fermentation

0,2 - 0,4 

Without fermentation

0,45 - 0,65 

Rapid method

0,7 - 1,0 



Dry instant Lviv yeast is used in bakeries and mini- bakeries for the preparation of various recipes for baked products.


Dry instant yeast is notable for storage convenience and ease of use.


Dosage of instant yeast depends on dough cooking technology, and technical equipment of the enterprise as raw material and conditions of manufacturing.

For high formula bakery products:

-     Dry yeast consumption is 0,7 - 1,0%.


During the batch yeast is added in dry condition directly to the flour!



• when using flour improvers, yeast consumption is reduced.

• the consumption of dry yeast is approximate and may vary depending on the raw material and the specific of manufacturing.


Dry yeast is packing: 12 grams. 100 grams. and 1 kg.



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