Product Quality

Yeast Plant Company was built on the territory with a unique microclimate, so growing yeast, a living culture, requires a special natural environment: air oxygen saturation water quality and air exchange are important. The Austrian technologists and engineers in the early 20th of 20 century understood it well.  As a result the plant is located on the outskirts of Lviv, where there is access to the artesian water, which is a vital element for the assimilation of yeast. In addition, the area boasts fresh air, brought by winds from the Carpathian region, and is surrounded by woods and parks.


While we are aware that favorable climate conditions play an important role in producing high-quality products, we have not neglected the other facets of production. It is common knowledge that a lot depends on the yeast strain, the raw materials, conditions and production technologies as well as the skills of our personnel.


"Enzym Company" is Ukraine’s first yeast-producing company to successfully implement and certify the management system of food products safety that meets ІSO 22000 standards.


Currently, the "Enzym Company" is getting ready to implement new systems of ecological management that would meet the international ISO 14001 standards.


Quality control of company’s products is closely monitored by the highly-professional laboratory specialists who make use of the most modern equipment available and highly-advanced methods of quality control.


All incoming raw products are thoroughly examined as to whether they meet the demands set in the normative documents. Furthermore, these materials are always accompanied by the forensic medical examination reports, quality certificates and certificates of conformance, which guarantee quality and safety.


Water and air pass a three-level purification system. In addition, we perform microbiological purity control of water purity, air and equipment. As well as this, our specialists keep a close eye on whether the materials meet the sanitary legislation standards.


Quality and safety parameters are thoroughly examined through every product delivery; while yeast’s technological qualities are tested during the baking process.  The industrial culture of baking yeast, used by PrJSC "Enzym Company" during production, has been created thanks to more traditional microbiological approaches. It does not contain any allergens and is not genetically modified. 


The company’s products are competitive in foreign markets and meet all international standards.