AgroBellum NPK is a high performance, balanced, complete fertilizer for the soil, has advantages over traditional organic and mineral fertilizers. This product is environmentally friendly production of "Enzym Company" - a company where the control system of food safety is implemented according to the international standard ISO 22000.


AgroBellum NPK - it's dehydrated (15 - 20% dry matter content), by thickening and mechanical extrusion, aerobic sludge, which is produced by biotechnology waste yeast production using the latest technology of the companies Biothane Systems International (Netherlands), Biogest Int. and Westfalie Separator Industry GmbH (Germany).


The main uses of fertilizers are:

• Agriculture,

• Preparation of composts, humus and soil,

• Acceleration of humification of plant residues,

• Production of environmentally friendly products,

• Forestry,

• Industrial, decorative and indoor horticulture,

• Land reclamation.