"Bread House" is an innovative baking center of «Enzym Company”, of “Lvivski drizhdzhi”® yeast producer. The task of the center is to provide a comprehensive consulting service for bakeries. The employees of Center are highly skilled, have creative approaches to creation and innovation in the bakery., " Khlibniy Dim " represents the baker's yeast TM “Lvivski drizhdzhi” yeast and TM “VITAPAN” additives for bakery and confectionery at the bakery and confectionery market.

Technologists of the Innovation Center "Khlibniy Dim” are constantly developing recipes for new types of bakery products. All regulatory and technical documentation is approved by the Central Industrial Tasting Commission "Ukrhlebprom" and available for use by consumers of “Lvivski drizhdzhi” yeast and "VITAPAN” additives.


Cooperation with ITSH "Khlibniy Dim" is:

• A qualified, professional advice, operational assistance;

• Seminars, presentations, demonstration of baking;

• Development of the technology directly at baking enterprises;

• Innovative, professional solutions for your business;

• Original recipes;

• Expanding your range;

• Reducing costs;

• Partnerships;

• Additives under TM “VITAPAN” for bakery and confectionery.


Contact Phones: + 38 (032) 225 53 55,  298 98 25 298 98 40.

e-mail: baker@enzym.lviv.ua



Additives of "VITAPAN"