TM “VITAPAN” - is the development of the bread-baking innovational centre Khlibniy Dim

“Bread House", designed for bakery and confectionery production. The product line was created with regard to quality with Ukrainian bakery raw materials, as well as existing enterprises technologies and equipment.


Products under TM “VITAPAN” meets the requirements of existing instruments and supplies is accompanied by documents certifying the quality and safety.


Consumers of the products of TM "VITAPAN” are mini-bakeries, supermarkets and great bakeries.


Additives "VITAPAN” are:

• Professional solutions;

• Perfect enzyme complex;

• Stringent requirements for raw materials and ingredients;

• Economy and efficiency;

• An excellent result.


 Range of additives "VITAPAN”:


Mixes for preparing creams;

Baking mixes;

Mixes for cupcakes;

Dry sour.


Range of TM “VITAPAN” additives is constantly expanding.


The use of "VITAPAN” allows you to make a wide range of quality products. This is the professional solution for bakery and confectionery production.