Animal nutrition and health

Enzym Company offers innovative solutions, which can help to accept current challenges in the field of animal nutrition by usage of probiotic supplementations produced of special yeast cultures.

Taking into account current tendencies of antibiotic reduction in animal feeding, the interest to the probiotic products is increasing. According to the experts’ estimations the derived yeast products are considered to be among three main ingredients in the field of animal nutrition, since they can solve several problems at once:  

- Increase efficiency of nutrients

-Inhibits the growth of pathogenic gut, stimulating the immune system

- Promote economic growth of production results

- Provide environmental safety of products 



Active dry yeast is the most widely-used probiotic today.

We recommend using active dry yeast in the rations of dairy cows, cattle, sows, piglets, fattening pigs and poultry.



Active Dry Yeast


Product description

Live yeast culture Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the strain is specially selected due to its performance in the animal’s digestive system, containing ≥ 1,3 х 1010 CFU/g

The product granules are encapsulated by the layer of inactivated yeast cells, the level of porosity of the surface is rather low, which ensures the resilience to the following factors:




Mode of action:

  • The ability to absorb oxygen from the rumen
  • Rumen pH balance
  • The development of the rumen microflora
  • Improves the supply of nutrients
  • Promotes better digestability of feed

The product advantages





Decreasing of the total feed costs due to higher feed digestibility

Increasing in milk 1-3 liters per day with fat content raise

Prevention of subclinical and clinical cow acidosis. General animal welfare improvement and as a result the decreasing of veterinary service charges.